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Scholarly Instructors

Scholarly Instructors

New Age Owls instructors, majority holding Masters and Ph.D.'s in their fields, guide and mentor students to reach their full academic and life time potentials via our in house Learning Management System.   Designed and taught by instructors who are experts in their fields, our courses model the professional methods, skills, norms, and intellectual habits of each subject, and each academic subject culminates in post-AP/A-level/IB and university-level courses

How our university academy admission supports work

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Step 4.

Interview and Specialized Tests Mentoring

Our expert Consultant team will uncompromisingly prepare mentees for demanding university interviews and academic entry tests.   

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Step 5.

College Essays Edits and Brainstorming

Consultants will do rigors essay brainstorming and edits till a perfect and riveting essay is achieved.  

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Step 6.

Submission Final Checks and Response Help

The Consult team will double check all documents for submission, assist in appeals (if needed) and help mentees respond to successful colleges.  

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Step 1.

Preliminary Interview & Analysis of Student Profile

Our Principal Consultant will interview the mentee to ascertain his/her interests and aptitude.  Following by a team of 5 master mentors will analyze the mentee's psychometric and portfolio, taking academic and non-academic strengths and weaknesses into account.  

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Step 2.

Conceptualisation of the Application Strategy

Our expert Consultant Mentors Team will actively mentor mentees with specific targets and steps to reach the academic and non-academic goals required with regular progress checkpoints.  

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Step 3.

Construct College Lists

Consultants will construct College lists into 3 categories: "high", "medium", and "Safety".  This considers both academic difficulties level and mentee's specific requirements, ensuring mentees have a safety net to fall back on.