University Admissions Advisory

By Ivy League Graduates


Your mentors of tomorrow's e-education

Due to Pandemic, many educational institutions transit into home based learning, and online classes. With more than 15 years of online homebased teaching, the founders of  New Age Owls strongly believe teaching online is totally a new ball game than face to face interaction.  It requires plenty of interaction and teaching strategies to optimize learning outcomes.

Hence, we have a team of qualified and experienced, Ivy League Mentors and instructors to guide your children. Our students are lead to - defining university admissions, conservatory admission supports, and STEM tutoring experience and masterclass (music) tutoring experience. 

Newton's Pendulum


NAO Science Olympiad
Maths and Physics

Take part in olympiad and be winner of prize: $$$.

Our e-Educational Symposium Mentoring Model

The 3 E's




The 3 C's












High Achieving Mentors and Scholars 

With an increasingly extensive analysis and analyzing skills of vast information on capstone research requirement from IB, AP CAPSTONE, CAMBRIDGE gold-standard of AICE, memorizing textbook content is no longer sufficient in today’s world.  NAO formulated a mentoring program for students to foster critical reasoning and persuasive argumentation, to strengthen communication skills on personal statement and interview, to promote intellectual maturity and personal responsibility via their academy counseling, extra curriculums advices, internship, sportsmanship and interdisciplinary skills and qualities that will lead to lifetime experiences. 

We provide IVY league university guidance admission guidelines, nurturing our mentees to their life path enthusiasm and aptitude career that drives interest in lifetime.  Our educators possess combined knowledge of and beyond the classroom to prepare your child for life.  

New Age Owls Online Course Offerings

IB/A-level/AP Tuition

  • Group and Individual 

  • Timed Practices and Review

  • Exam Preparation Courses

  • Ad-hoc Topic Review

  • Extended Essays Review

Headstart Courses

  • Holiday Programs 

  • Textbook Content and questionnaires exposure

  • Exploring Horizontal field of your interest subjects

Exam & Intensive Course

  • Fully Syllabus Revision

  • Problem Solving Framework

  • Model Answers Review

  • Exam Focus & Time Management Skills

  • Drill Comprehensive Coverage

  • Pre & Post -Questions Practices Review

University Admissons

  • Academy Advising on High School (age 13-17)

  • Personal Statement Mentoring

  • Portfolio Preparation

  • Interview Preparation 

  • U.K/ U.S. Entrance Test Preparation 

Conservatory Admissions

  • Instrumental Advising & Masterclasses on (11-17)

  • Audition Preparation

  • Interview Preparation 

  • German/French/China

  • worldwide languages Preparation

Music Tuition & Masterclass

  • Learn technique to improve improvisation 

  • Enhance repertoires techniques

  • Gain confidence via performance opportunity for students

Learn How New Age Owl Can Help You to Maximize your Potential.